"T-shirt + suspender skirt" is so good to wear! Slim and cover the meat! Who wears who is beautiful!

"T-shirt + suspender skirt" is so good to wear! Slim and cover the meat! Who wears who is beautiful!


T-shirts are a single item in every girl's wardrobe. However, I found that I was looking at the street and I was wearing T-shirts + jeans . I want to give you a little more difference. You can also try this.


T-shirt + suspender dress

Gentle over the knee skirt

Round neck solid color bottoming shirt

This set is recommended for gentle and intellectual girls! The black sling maxi skirt, the skirt is designed with a bubble lattice, and the French-style intellectual elegance is matched with a T-shirt with a fragrant purple, gentle and eye-catching.

The trick is to give the baby a coup - the T-shirt is knotted , and the fashion is immediately improved. Take this set as an example, grab the hem and make a knot on the side of the waist to lengthen the proportion of the body and instantly become fashionable.

■ ■ ■ ■  


T-shirt + H-type skirt

Long section Korean version of the hip skirt  

Compared with the strong color difference of the previous one, this set of the same color matching looks more tender girl heart. The overall is a light purple tone.

Compared to the A-line skirt, I prefer the H-shaped skirt, which is both slim and feminine.

■ ■ ■ ■  


T-shirt + tonal skirt

Round neck letter print bottoming shirt

Irregular high waist step skirt

Different from the above two sets of intellectual elegance, this body is more youthful and energetic, suitable for the student party. The letter print on the T-shirt is fashionable and white, and the white shoes with the sporty style are the look of the girl. 

The skirt is a one-piece design, and the waist can be knotted according to your own preferences, making it easy to create a layered feel .

■ ■ ■ ■  

denim jacket

Denim jacket is one of the most versatile items! Only the sisters who match the ordinary T-shirts and trousers, come and pick up the dry goods below!


Denim jacket + white shirt

Korean style loose denim jacket 

Medium long white shirt 

White shirts and denim jackets are stacked and layered. The denim is a light blue, very fresh and bright, handsome and everyday.

The length of the shirt is just right, sexy charm, easy to play down the missing style of the shirt , with thick-soled sneakers, huge legs!

■ ■ ■ ■  


Floral dress maxi dress + denim jacket 

Retro long floral dress 

Heavy work washed wild denim jacket 

This set of floral dresses with a cool denim jacket, to achieve "mother man balance" , ageing and more youthful vitality, giving a new definition of a long skirt.

The skirt is very feminine; but with a denim jacket, it fades away from the mature feeling, wearing a quiet and sweet taste , do not have a charm ~

■ ■ ■ ■  
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