Hundred dollars contracted for your summer wear, fairy skirt, sun protection clothing, old shirt...

Baby, I am the manager.

Recently, many sister paper has been urging the manager to update summer single product, expressed clothes to and fro is that a few, are tired of wearing the.

Indeed, in contrast, the choice of autumn and winter items will be more abundant, just the bottom shirt has sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, shirts... as long as you work hard on the stack, you can wear a hundred patterns. .

In the summer, it is more comfortable and simple to cool on the wearer . Like the store manager, a T-shirt and a denim shorts are often out!

At this time , I want to slay the whole game with a simple match , which is a test of the skill Witty, I usually choose some extra points to enhance the design sense of the whole shape, and wear a fashionable feeling without effort.

The following store manager will come out and share with you a few worthwhile items

1、Striped t-shirt

As one of the classic elements , the stripes are characterized by simple and varied, multiple color choices, or thick or thin lines that combine to reveal a completely different feel.



Rainbow pattern T-shirt for the summer can add a bit of color , with overalls, jeans will not go wrong, casual and youthful feel.


It seems to be the most basic black and white stripe T, but the red edging on the collaradds a little personality to the clothes . It is recommended to wear a pair of trousers, not as boring as white T.

Leaky shoulder T


The generous collar pinstripe T-shirt just reveals that the collarbone is more sexy and sultry . Wearing a skirt in the lower body, it is cool and gentle.

2、 One-shoulder top

Summer is the season of shoulder-shoulder clothes . It is not only cool and comfortable , but also shows your perfect shoulder line and collarbone. The most pleasing thing is that you can hide your thick arms and get a perfect result . It is also quite casual to match, as long as it is simple to match jeans and skirts.



The gentle explosion of the shoulder top, ruffles and flared sleeves make the whole style farewell to monotony , with a simple skirt and trousers is enough to attract attention.

Printed one-shoulder T-shirt


The yellow-blue print is unique and cute, and the puff sleeve design is more cute , and the denim shorts are invincible.


Plaid is one of the long- lasting elements of the fashion world . Take jeans and be lazy and casual. Take a black and white skirt and simply commute .

3、Old shirt 

I haven’t dared to claim to be a hipster in the series of “Daddy” recently! From the retro "old shoes" to the elegant "old pants", the old shirts are red again, the version is loose and comfortable + the lines are cut and neat, free and easy , even with a sense of heroic feeling!



Vintage-inspired printed shirt with a pair of azure jeans, cleverly extending the store's favorite fresh blue to the lower body, fashion Max!

4、solid color buttoned shirt


Solid color deep V-neck shirt, short style can pull up the waist line , V-neck stretch neck line more face small . With high-waist wide-leg pants, invincible and slim.


Ni Ni's shirt, fun print brings retro tone, full buckle, and open and casual . It’s a big match with pants, and there’s a handsome casual feel~


Irregular geometric prints, full of holiday style , casual with shorts, both cool and youthful!     V-neck dress  V-neck dress  V-neck dress V-neck dress 

4、sun protection clothing

This year the sunscreen industry, one word is the hottest "Kimono", belonging to thewide cuffs, lace-thin double-breasted jacket , is evolved in the Japanese-style kimono basis . Most of them have very beautiful prints , one hundredth of the attraction on the street, a sling or white T inside, lazy and bright .

The classic crane print, with a solid color T-shirt sling, the ordinary mix can also beelegant and romantic .

5、V-neck dress

Choose a one piece dress with a sense of design to easily solve the whole body. For example, this summer's special V-neck dress, the shallow V-neck reveals the collarbone, invisibly modifying the face and shoulder line , which is visually slimmer.